Many people begin thinking about building a home when the snow melts and flowers bloom.  

And spring is, indeed, the ideal season to build a custom home, though any time works.  

Here’s why.

  • Fewer weather-related delays

Spring weather is usually more stable, the occasional rain shower or thunderstorm notwithstanding.  

Summer, on the other hand, can bring intense heat and humidity that make working conditions intolerable. And winter, of course, can bring snowstorms that force construction delays.  

  • Greater availability of contractors and materials

Contractors and materials are usually more readily available in the spring. That’s because many contractors aren’t very busy in winter and are raring to go come spring. Seasonal availability also affects materials. Some are harder to come by at other times of year, as concrete is in winter.  

  • Less competition with other construction projects

Summer is the peak building season, which can mean a longer wait time for contractors and builders. Starting your custom home build in the spring avoids the rush, shortens wait times, and gets you more dedicated attention from your contractor.

Spring custom home-build scenario

Here's a real-world scenario to show the advantages of constructing a bespoke home in the spring and some workable alternatives if that season doesn’t work for you.

For years, Sarah and John wanted to build a bespoke home. When they were ready, they began in the fall, thinking they would have plenty of time to complete construction before summer.  

The potential problems with this plan, for Sarah and John or anyone else, include the unpredictability of winter, the possibility of weather-related construction delays, and the season’s limited availability of certain supplies. Come spring, a couple starting a home-construction project in the fall might find themselves not only behind schedule but competing with numerous other homebuilders.

The best way to avoid such delays and save time and money is to begin a home-construction project in the spring.  

But there are ways to make a wintertime launch work. Begin the process as soon as possible in the winter, by making selections and signing contracts, and  

  • come spring, construction can start, and  
  • come fall, you can move in, avoiding super-hot or super-cold weather and avoiding conflict with the school year.  

For families with children, having a brand-new home ready for the start of school and your end-of-year holiday hosting is perfect. If that’s your preferred timetable, we can make it happen.

Natale Builders for your custom home

Spring is the best season to begin custom home construction. You can avoid the summer rush. Contractors and materials are typically more easily available. And the weather is better.  

So, if you’re ready, consider beginning your project in the spring. Contact Natale Builders today, at 716-580-3318.