Are you dreaming of building your perfect home?  

We understand creating your dream home is a big adventure. Before you start, be sure to ask your prospective homebuilder the right questions. Natale Builders, a trusted custom homebuilder in Buffalo, NY, suggests the following builder questions.

  1. What’s your experience and background? Look for a builder with a track record of building quality homes. At Natale Builders, for example, we have years of experience creating beautiful, energy-efficient homes in Buffalo, NY.
  1. Can you share references or past projects? Hearing from other homeowners can be helpful. At Natale, we encourage our clients to speak with past customers, browse the video and photo galleries on our website interact with us on our social accounts, and visit our completed homes to see the quality of our work.
  1. What customization options do you offer? Whether choosing floor plans, materials, or design features, knowing your options helps you make informed decisions.
  1. How do you handle budget and timeline? How does your builder plan to keep your project on track and within your budget?  
  1. How will we communicate during the project? How does your prospective builder plan to keep you informed during planning and construction? Regular meetings? Emails? Calls? Knowing how you’ll receive updates gives you peace of mind.
  1. What warranties or services do you provide after completion? This ensures that you’ll be taken care of even after moving in.

A happy homeowner

We at Natale once worked with a family who dreamed of a spacious, eco-friendly home. They asked all the right questions and were actively involved in every step. We worked closely with them, focusing on their unique needs and preferences.  

The result? A beautiful, energy-efficient home that perfectly reflected their lifestyle. It’s this kind of partnership and outcome that we strive for with every project!

Natale Builders: Bringing your dream home to life

As you prepare to build your dream home, remember: The right questions—questions to ask a homebuilder you’re considering—can make all the difference.


At Natale Builders, we’re not just about constructing houses; we’re about creating homes that mirror your vision and lifestyle. Our commitment to quality, communication, and customization makes us the ideal partner in your home-building journey.

Ready to take the first step? Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your dream home to life in Buffalo, NY. Let’s start this exciting journey together!