One of the easiest, most effective, and certainly most cost-effective ways to give your home a completely new look is to change the exterior paint color. While you could completely renovate your home’s exterior cladding, sometimes it just takes a new coat of exterior paint to make your home feel new and refreshed.

The Benefits of Painting the Outside of Your House

Painting your home’s exterior brings advantages other than aesthetics, including:

·   Protecting your home’s exterior against the rain, sun’s UV rays, and other elements;

·   Increasing your home’s value and appeal to potential home buyers;

·   Fixing any damages to your exterior cladding;

·   Preserving your siding and trim, prolonging the lifespan of your home; and

·   Protecting against the inevitable peeling and staining that often give your home an old and dilapidated look.

Unfortunately, most homeowners settle for a narrow range of color options for their home’s exterior. Driving through a typical neighborhood, the vast majority of homes will look very similar. By opening yourself up to new patterns and colors for your house exterior, you can make your custom home stand out in the neighborhood!

To help get your creative side flowing, here are our picks for some of the best exterior house color trends in 2022:

The Most Popular Exterior House Colors for 2022

According to the Home Advisor, homeowners spend an average of $3,048 when painting the exterior of their house. When choosing between the best, new exterior house colors for 2022, you want to make sure that your investment will help your home look beautiful and last a long time!

Thus, without further ado, here are the top 5 exterior house colors for 2022:

A exterior shot of a home surrounded by trees painted in Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green.

Photo courtesy of brick & batten

1. Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore
This unique exterior home color is manufactured by Benjamin Moore, and is a great dark shade for home exteriors in 2022. It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 2.72. LRV measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects, and the Black Forest Green color is a great, opaque option for homes in forested settings.

This exterior paint option also offers a sense of weightiness to your home.

A exterior shot of a home surrounded by trees painted in Sherwin Williams’ Caviar

Photo courtesy of brick & batten

2. Caviar by Sherwin Williams
This is another great option for homeowners looking for a deep, shadowy look for their home. Sherwin Williams’ Caviar color offers a depth of shade that is just the right balance. It’s perfect for homes wanting to blend into the surrounding environment while also adding a touch of boldness in color.

Homeowners who have home exteriors with natural elements such as wood and stone can easily pair this hue with lighter and natural color tones to create a warm and inviting appearance.

A exterior shot of a home surrounded by trees painted in Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray.

Photo courtesy of brick & batten

3. Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
There is a reason why some classic home exterior colors never outgrow their popularity. Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray is a prime example of a popular home color that has endured for generations. This off-white color tone offers lightness and brightness to any home exterior.

The timeless neutral color can be combined with several different cladding elements. The lightness of the Classic Gray color gives your home a modern finished look and can be partnered with darker shades to offer an enhanced sense of sophistication.

An exterior shot of a sophisticated country house painted vibrant red with mustard trim

Photo courtesy of rebeckaq/Instagram

4. Vibrant Autumn Red
Barndominiums are growing in popularity in several areas of the country, and are one of the hottest custom home design trends. Given this reality, painting a rural home a deep, autumn red color is unsurprisingly another of our hottest home exterior trends for 2022.

This exterior home color offers elevated visual strength. It is best paired with crisp white detailing around eaves, railings, window panes, corner panels, and more. This deep, profound color will certainly make your home stand out from the rest and leave an impression on every casual viewer.

A exterior shot of a home surrounded by trees painted in Sherwin Williams’ Dried Thyme

Photo courtesy of brick & batten

5. Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams
Lastly, Dried Thyme is another Sherwin Williams option that offers homeowners an alternative green hue for their home exterior. This unique color option is great for homes that have wood cladding, as it can be accented with a medium to dark wood stain for a stunning look.

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