Fall is just around the corner. Time to surround that new home with vibrant colors that greet you warmly when you walk outside, colors that say, "Fall is here!"  

Natale Builders is here to help you choose the perfect color palette, one that not only reflects the fall season but that also suits your style and home.  

Let's explore the exciting colors of autumn!

Blazing trees and shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs ablaze with vibrant, fall colors can transform your landscape into an autumn paradise.  

Consider, for example

  • maple trees, which turn a rich red or golden yellow;
  • dogwood trees, which offer deep-purple leaves; or
  • winterberry, a shrub bedecked with red berries that attract birds.  

Think of trees and shrubs as big crayons that color your yard in bold strokes.

Dazzling flowers

Flower beds are nature's canvas, waiting to be splashed with the colors of

  • marigolds, with their bright-yellow and -orange petals;
  • chrysanthemums, which come in a variety of colors, including rich reds and deep purples; and/or
  • petunias, which can bring a garden to life with cheerful, Renoir-like splashes of dusky pink.

Charming porch decorations

Your porch is the gateway to your home and the perfect place for autumn’s

  • bright pumpkins;
  • rustic hay bales;  
  • golden maize; and/or
  • an inviting door wreath combining fall leaves, pinecones, and red berries.

Decorating your porch is like pulling on a warm, cozy sweater punctuated with bright, shiny buttons; it makes your home look happy and welcoming.

The big picture  

As the leaves change color, so can the landscape of your home.  

Natale Builders invites you to immerse yourself and your house in the vibrant palette of fall. We can help you make that new home even homier.