There’s almost nothing more exciting than planning your dream home. For many, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. We at Natale Builders are here to help guide you on  how to go about buying land for building your new house.

A big part of the process is finding just the right spot. There are a few considerations to consider when choosing the site on which to build a house. While beautiful views are ideal, things like zoning, utility access, and soil composition all play a part in the overall process of creating your new homesite.

You want this process to be a joyful one without any unnecessary surprises. There are a few complex considerations that the average home/ land buyer might not know about. Read on to find out more!

Choose Your Land Location

Find a general area that interests you and take a look at some internet sites like,, or Once you are interested in a general location, go and drive around there a bit and see for yourself. This will give you a sense of the nearest neighborhood or town, and the types of homes already in the area.

It’s important to find a place to build your new home with similar real estate valuations to the place you will be building. If you construct a $350,000 home in a place where the average home price is $180,000, you might very well have trouble getting the financing you need, and receiving a fair value for your house if you ever decide to sell. 

Once you’ve narrowed your site down to a general area, it's good to get a reputable realtor to assist in furthering the process.

Ask the Seller Questions

If you’re planning to build your perfect home in a more rural setting, necessities such as sewer, water, and electricity are not a given.

Once you’ve found a place you are interested in, you’ll want to contact the seller. Before purchasing land for your dream home in a rural location, there are some questions you will want to ask the seller.

Questions for the seller include:

  • Can I build on this lot?
  • Is there a Homeowners Association?
  • Has a soil percolation test been done?
  • Are the property boundaries clear and accurately defined?
  • Does the land have access to town infrastructures like sewer, water, electricity, and gas?
  • Is there any planned or possible building development around the parcel?
  • Is there clean, potable water available for a well?

If the land you want to buy is in a development already being built in, the considerations are much simpler. The seller will most likely be a developer who has already taken care of most necessities, having installed all the essential infrastructure that a house requires. 

Hiring a real estate agent to assist you in your land purchase is generally a good idea, especially when buying rural land. These professionals know what sorts of parcels are suitable for building, zoning regulations, and more. A realtor can write up legal protections for your purchase if certain legal or engineering requirements can’t be met.

Understand the Costs

It’s crucial to fully understand the piece of land you wish to buy, because home-building construction costs can be greatly impacted. If your dream home site is in the country with spectacular views, you might need to have more cash available to connect to existing utilities than if you build in a development. There may be no utilities available, which will cost significantly more. 

If there is no sewage utility, you will need a septic or lateral sewer system. Installing a septic system will cost more than a simple sewer hook-up

If the land is primarily heavy clay, installing these systems might not be possible. Additionally, financing a rural land purchase may be a little more challenging. You may have to pay cash for the land, as banks rarely offer mortgages on raw land.

Natale Builders Assessment Considerations

Our Project Manager will come out to check site conditions.

Assessment considerations include:

  • Trees: Are there any trees that might need to be cleared for the building site, or removed due to disease?

  • Land grade and slope: Is it suitable for building straight away, or does land need leveling? 

  • Available utilities: Is there access to electricity, sewer, and water?

  • Site access: Can a driveway be connected to the main road?

Your dream home is within reach. With careful planning and our decades of experience, Natale Builders will help make your dream a reality.

Design the Home of Your Dreams for Your Land

Have you found the land where you want to build your next custom home? Contact us today for an assessment with a Project Manager from Natale Builders!

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