When it comes to building a custom forever home, there are no bad or stupid questions.

At least, that’s what we think.

Unfortunately, there are some home builders out there that hope you never ask these questions:

Why is the warranty on my basement only 1-6 years?

Warranties provided for new homes are different than home service warranties offered by home sellers. Most home builders who provide this service can only do so anywhere between 1-6 years, which isn’t a long time in comparison the average length of time a home buyer is willing to reside within the home.

We offer a insulated, pre-chased, pre-studded and drier-guaranteed Superior Basement with a 15 year warranty.

Is a new home healthier than an old home?

A “healthy home” is  best described as a concept that emphasizes creating an environment without factors that can lead to health problems. While the average home builders can account for serious hazards like lead poisoning and confidently guarantee a home owner’s safety, we’ve been crafting green-healthier homes as a standard since 2011. The air and water quality is also tested by third party specialists in all of our homes.

What if my floors creak and squeak 2 or 3 years after I move in?

Creaks and squeaks can stem from a multitude of things home builders can prevent in the early stages of the home building process, like using poor materials that barely pass safety codes and poor workmanship. Seasonal changes in room temperature and gaps due to RH levels also play a role in a squeaky, creaky floors. We use a I-Joist floor system coupled with floor decking that provides a 50 year warranty against squeaks and creaks.

How can I protect myself from rising utility bills?

Sellers and home builders will tell you that when it comes to keeping utility costs low, preservation is key. While this is a general rule of thumb for new and old homes alike, it’s all about the materials you use to ensure that those bills are as low as possible. We make sure are homes are built with protective integrated thermal envelope from the basement to the attic that is continuous - standard, as well as optional geothermal HVAC and Solar options.

How will I ever manage all those selections required in a new build?

There are home building companies that don’t do too well to ensure that all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

Our certified designers will guide you through the building process–every step of the way.

What if my drywall cracks 6 months after my house settles?

If this question is met by stammering, we suggest finding another home building company–Natale Builders.

We monitor humidity and air movement inside the home to avoid excessive swelling and shrinking of internal components- standard. They also offer a 1 year call back service to tighten up any such issues for all homes.

Will I be able to make changes in my houses' floor plan design once it’s framed?

Natale is a true custom home builder and flexibility in design is what we do best. You can make any change at any time, unlike average builders, who may not allow certain adjustments to be made.

Can I build universal design, smart house features , green features, with all the features I want?

No builder has built more universal designed homes, green homes, and smart homes, than Natale Builders. It would be very hard to find a builder with the same capability.

I’m very visual. will I be able to change my mind on a selection if I realize I don’t like it?

Flexibility in the area of selections is permitted and change orders are what allow our clients to feel their home is unique and special. Because aren’t as flexible, they may try to convince you to stick with something you dislike. If that happens, chances are that they can’t make the requested change.

Will I be able to sell my home for more money than I paid for it in 5-7 years?

The best part of building with us is that you're building the home of the future–today. Your home will be relevant in 10+ years.