We have been using Superior Wall systems in all our homes for the couple years. We believe that Superior Walls is the smarter foundation solution. Superior Walls are custom designed to your blueprint and built to demanding specifications, a Superior Walls foundation system meets or exceeds the industry’s latest green building standards. Superior Walls products support green, sustainable construction and use by providing a continuous layer of insulation, reducing on site waste, and optimizing material usage. The superior walls system provides the highest quality, most green and more efficient foundation products in the world. The precast concrete panels manufactured at Superior Walls facilities across the country are the foundation system of choice for both energy-conscious homeowners and construction-savvy builders.

According to the 2012 National Association of Home builders™ (NAHB®) “What Home Buyers Really Want” study, basements are considered especially desirable in homes by younger home buyers and those living in colder climates. ”The study findings show that 76 percent of Gen Y respondents and 74 percent of Gen X respondents would prefer a basement in their homes,” says Costello. “Younger home buyers, who are investing in new construction homes, are looking for added living space and easily-accessible storage areas in the homes they purchase.”

Some of the Great benefits of Superior Walls are:

  • They are Dry. Superior Walls’ special 5,000+ psi concrete mix is moisture resistant. Because additional damp proofing is not required, this can help you save both time and money. With the specified crushed stone footing and perimeter drain, water will be directed away from your foundation, helping to keep your home dry. With our patented technologies and superior manufacturing methods, our basements are the very finest in the world and are backed by a 15 year warranty from the manufacturing facility / licensee.*
  • They are Warm. Superior Walls foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in high energy efficiency to help you reduce energy costs. Our walls have galvanized steel stud nailers built into the concrete studs, with room to easily increase the amount of insulation without any need to install additional framing.
  • They are Smart. The building industry’s leaders are building today’s new homes with Superior Walls products. Certified trained crews install our superior systems typically in less than one day, in virtually any weather. Your builder can save valuable time building your home with the dry, warm, smart, superior solution.
  • They are Superior. Superior Walls products are created in a controlled factory environment to ensure that your new home’s foundation will be built to the industry’s highest standards. The concrete is reinforced with steel rebar. And Superior Walls foundations can be customized to nearly any architectural style, providing you with a maximum of home design flexibility.