Thinking about making an improvement to your home this year? You're not alone. 53% of Americans did some kind of home improvement project in the last 12 months.

One project homeowners are tackling is a bathroom remodel. Families who can are hopping on popular luxury bathroom shower designs and making them their own.

Some people are going all-out with their shower designs. In Delaware, the state with the highest renovation cost, homeowners spent $21,120 on average for their bathrooms.

If you're ready for a shower upgrade with a luxe feel, check out these shower designs for some bathroom remodeling inspiration.

Steam Room Shower

steam room shower

Steam room showers are a great option for individuals who like the health benefits of steam but don't want to pay for a spa membership. Sitting in a steam room can help open up your capillaries and increase oxygenated blood flow.

You'll find steam showers vary in size depending on the space available. You can find ones that fit eight people to ones that just fit one person.

What all steam showers have in common is they all have either benches built into the shower or steam-resistant wood benches.


duel shower bathroom

Dual showers are popular bathroom shower designs for couples who need to get out the door at the same time each morning. If this is the case for you and your spouse, you'll find having a larger shower enclosure with two shower heads makes getting ready easier.

Dual showers also make excellent bathroom statements. You can find showers with half-walls, full glass enclosures, and bright tiles. They're one of the hottest trends for good reason.

If you want to go the dual-showerhead route, know you might need to upgrade piping, water tanks, or well pumps. This will ensure you don't experience a loss of pressure when both showers are on.

Doorless Shower

doorless shower

Doorless and open showers are widely popular in Europe and now they're making their mark in the U.S.

The huge benefit of doorless showers is you have fewer shower components to clean. A doorless shower can also help your bathroom feel more open.

A drawback, which can be remedied with a bathroom reconfiguration, is water can get everywhere. Placing your open shower in the corner of the bathroom can help keep the water confined.

Statement Shower Doors

While statement tubs are increasing in popularity, so are statement shower doors.

One of the most popular types of statement shower door is the frameless shower. Frameless showers use strong safety glass to contain the shower and don't require metal framing to secure it.

frameless shower door
Frameless Shower Doors

French shower doors are also increasing in popularity. Their brushed metal frames, small panes, and wavy glass add a rustic yet romantic feel to your bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Designs to Luxe Up Your Home

Whether you're looking to remodel or designing a home from scratch, your bathroom shower design should be of the utmost importance. After all, you do have to bathe every day.

Adding a touch of luxury with a dual-shower or statement shower door can help you enjoy your home even more.

To get started on designing your new shower, get in touch with us today.