Soon cold winds will start to blow and snow will fall. It's time to winter-proof your home.

Shielding your house from winter keeps it cozy. It also protects your investment.

Here are some tips, courtesy of Natale Builders.

  • Organize your home. Remember the time your neighbor overlooked a leaky window and got ambushed by a hefty heating bill? Being better organized might have saved him some money. Make room for winter supplies by storing summer items and take control of your house so that it doesn’t take control of you.
  • Install weather-stripping. One of the more cost-effective ways to keep out the cold is installing weather-stripping on doors and windows. It may come in many forms—felt, vinyl, rubber, poly foam—but all weather-stripping has the same two jobs: keeping cold air out and warm air in. It’s like a scarf around your house.
  • Maintain the fireplace and chimney. Dreaming of cozy evenings by the fireplace? Take a day to clean and inspect the whole thing. A clean fireplace and chimney function better. Hire a pro to remove soot and debris, ensuring your fireplace will warm your home safely and efficiently.
  • Clean the gutters. Cleaning the gutters might seem like a tough chore but it is absolutely essential. A clean gutter prevents water from pooling and damaging your roof and walls. Get your gutters cleaned to ensure the snow melts and flows away smoothly, protecting your house from unwanted water troubles.
  • Inspect the roof. Your roof is the shield against all kinds of weather. Inspect it thoroughly before winter sets in. Look for loose shingles and other areas where water might seep in and cause damage. A well-maintained roof means a warm, dry home.
  • Service the heating system. Replace those furnace filters to maintain a properly working heating system. A clean filter facilitates the circulation of warm air and keeps energy bills low. It’s like giving your home a breath of fresh air.


As we say goodbye to summer, let’s welcome cozy winter evenings with a home prepared to withstand the chill. With these simple yet effective tips, you can enjoy a warm and snug home all winter.

At Natale Builders, we're committed to helping you create a home that stands strong through every season. Contact us today for more advice on winter-proofing your home or to find your next dream home—ready for winter enjoyment and beyond. Call 716-580-3318.