Looking to gain immediate value/appraisal on your home? You’d better get landscaping!

Veteran homeowners will tell you that landscaping can literally add thousands of dollars in value as the years go by. While it is true that interior design can also add value to your home, home decor trends and styles often change quickly, while exterior designs involved with landscaping do not. There are many advantages in having an expertly landscaped home than a home with none at all. If we’re talking numbers, a landscaped home will increase your home’s value anywhere between 6% to 13% depending on the original value of the home and the kind of landscaping that is done. That’s an added value of $24,000-$52,000 of a $400,000 home.

Just let that sink in.

It’s always a great idea to include landscaping as part of your long-term home resale plan. Very few homeowners sell their homes within the year, but it happens. In these cases, a little sprucing up of your current landscape can still pay off. Making sure the edges of your plant bed are freshly cut or keeping your lawn freshly fertilized do well to give potential buyers the impression that they’ll save money and not have as much work to do when it comes time to do landscaping of their own.

One of the main factors that home buyers consider is a landscape design that looks effortless, yet sophisticated. This is usually the trick when trying to refresh–and resell your home. The one piece of landscaping that will set you apart from the rest is the installment of large, healthy, mature plants.


Large plants that have been tended to for a number of years sends the message to homebuyers that the interior of the home has to be just as well tended, if not better kept. This factor often equates to a quicker sale of your home and an even bigger return on investment, which is definitely worth the wait. As you can probably guess, the more trees you plant (and take care of), the more value you add to your home. Before you plant the first seed, it’s naturally a good idea to ensure that you do away with any weeds. It’s also good practice to apply a gluten-based herbicide, which kills weeds before they’re able to form roots.

Landscaping is something that is often overlooked, especially in the resale process. Most landscaping upgrades are easy to do, so don’t be afraid to set aside a few weekends to really perfect your landscape project. If planning is really not your forte, that’s ok. It’s very common for people in “DIY mode” to plan poorly, which will undoubtedly turn buyers off. There’s no shame in hiring a professional to really make your landscaping dream a reality. Sure, the expert help averages a few hundred bucks, but there will be many more dollar signs when the time to sell finally arrives. If you are interested in landscaping to enhance your curb appeal, let the experts at Natale Builders help!