It’s 2018.

It’s also a crucial time when seasoned and new homeowners dare to do something they haven’t before, which is often sparked by a new year. Sometimes, it’s a new table or chandelier. Other times, it’s a brand new patio. While these changes hold their own merit, there is one change that makes a true, visual interior design statement--the color selection process.

Much like the world of fashion, color trends change every year. These changes are fueled by our deepest passions, whether from politics, the environment, or our unique beliefs.

Choosing the right colors for your home can be a difficult, tiring process. It’s not hard to see why color selection is important since every room in your home has to be nothing short of perfect.


We sure think so.

So, before you hire that interior designer, or embark on yet another DIY journey (good for you!) check out some of the hottest home decor color trends that we believe may be happening in a home near you:

“Black Flame”

Black Flame Wall Color
Source: Visualizecolor.com

This prediction comes from PPG, a paint company based out of Pittsburgh. They believe that the bold, yet elegant mixture of black and indigo is sure to make a statement, regardless of what room a homeowner decides to use.

“Nurturing Green”

Nurturing Green color
Source: behr.com

Behr believes that this accent is for anyone wanting to feel growth, renewal, and harmony in their living spaces. This actually comes as no surprise as the world has become increasingly eco-conscious.


Ultra Violet color
Source: housebeautiful.com

Considered a “Renaissance Color” according to countryliving.com, ultraviolet is such a popular color amongst homeowners because of its effortless ability to pair itself with so many different colors. Ultraviolet is a popular jewel tone this year because it sparks one’s desire to experiment with different colors while still maintaining a sense of originality--something that we don’t see too much of nowadays.

“Stone White”

Stone White Color
Source: Housebeautiful.com

This color is great for those looking to “fake it” when the sunlight doesn’t fully illuminate a room, or if there aren’t any windows.

“Restoration Hardware Dusk”

Restoration Hardware Dusk color
‍Source: Housebeautiful.com

Here’s a saying we just made up: “Blue is the truest hue”  Okay, that was bad, but you can never go wrong without a little blue in your home. Blue is actually a very popular color when it comes to coming up with a monochromatic color theme, so if you’re thinking about blue, Restoration Hardware Dusk will do!

“Farrow & Ball Olive 13”

Farrow and olive ball color
‍Source: Housebeautiful.com

In the past, most people perceive olive as a dark, dingy and dated, but this year, you may see many home libraries come to life with this color, as it pairs very well with millwork and trim.

“Deep Turquoise”

Deep Turquoise color
‍Source: Housebeautiful.com

Known as a moody color, deep turquoise may liven up many living and bedrooms this year. Well, at least that’s what design expert and tv star, Francesco Bilotto predicts!

Now that you’re up to speed with the latest color trends, give us a call and we’ll work together to find the color scheme that works best for your dream home!