Home Decor trends can be great–for a little while. Avid interior enthusiasts endlessly spend a few millenia looking next year’s big pattern or design, but very few focus on crafting a home that will stand the test of time. To truly achieve a timeless home design, you must resist the urge to follow any trends that hit the home decor atmosphere. To truly train your design mind to ensure timeless design, consider the these following factors:

Create A Strong Focal Point

Focal points lay the foundation when dealing with interior design. Creating a timeless design is no exception.  Focal points give the eyes somewhere appealing to rest. Ideally, you’d want your focal point to occur naturally in a room. However, if the focal point isn’t easily seen in a particular room, there are some ways to create a great focal point. Consider inserting artwork, architectural structures, or a media unit.

The focal point is most easily found by taking a look around the room to see exactly where your eyes end up. Be sure that there is only one focal point, as competing points could provide confusing and chaotic to the eye.

Use Quality Furniture & Fabrics

Really take the time (and money) to invest in good furniture fabrics and accessories, especially if you’re really looking for that classic, ageless style. Aside from giving your home a cheap, dated look and feel, putting cheap furniture and fabrics are very likely to fall apart over a short period of time, deteriorating the aesthetic feel of a home. Investing in high-quality furniture will not only enhance the aesthetic nature of your home, but will last for many years, which could prove to be a beautiful, cost-effective win-win. Sure, you can still insert vintage pieces, but your focus on quality should be at top of mind.

Conceal Your Technology

For a timeless look, it really pays to hide technological devices (if possible) throughout the house. With advances in technology, it has become especially easy to hide stereos and television sets, mainly because they’ve become increasingly smaller or obsolete. Of course, it can still be quite difficult to conceal something as big as a television, but it is very possible with a little creativity. If camouflaging your tech isn’t entirely possible, consider placing things behind closed doors.

Try Symmetry

Much like the focal point, the human eye is drawn to symmetry. To get a symmetrical look, you’ll  need to get matching halves of the same items. While trying to get that symmetrical look, keep the focal point in mind as well. When designing your house for symmetry, you don’t need to double up on every item. Just get items that will be appealing to the eye on either half of the room. Much like finding the focal point, let your eyes be your ageless design guide.

While creating your own unique, timeless design it’s really all about creating a sense of style, balance, and order. Functionality is also important, as you don’t want rooms that are too overwhelming or too insignificant.

Not sure how build a timeless design-friendly home? You can always talk to one of our home building experts to see exactly how to create a home aimed for simplicity, subtlety, and elegance!