Carefully considering and choosing the pros and cons of different home styles is an important step before settling on a final design idea. Once you have built your house, chances are that future renovations will focus more on improving the energy efficiency and thermal performance of your home that come with improved technology options. Completely redoing the style of your home is not only hard to accomplish, but will most likely also cost you a fortune. The most popular house styles of 2019 will allow homeowners to let their home speak to their individual character and personality. Modern architectural styles also allow for different home performance in terms of overall layout, energy efficiency design, and other considerations. Below, we look at the most popular architectural styles of today to help you settle on the perfect character for your next home. 

Mediterranean Homes 

When most of us think about Mediterranean homes, we probably imagine sitting on a balcony shaded by terracotta tiles and vining flowers while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. While this style of home can’t necessarily promise you that enchanting view, a Mediterranean style home can make you feel like you are on a permanent vacation in southern Italy. 

These beautiful style homes often include a central courtyard which allows you to enjoy outdoor living spaces that also offer an abundance of privacy. 

Mediterranean homes can make you feel like you’re right in Italy, France, or Spain. Homeowners in nice climates like California and Florida love them for the hacienda-style layouts, which usually include a central courtyard; however, they are popping up in suburbs everywhere. A balcony attached to the master bedroom is also a common feature of these home styles as are the signature terracotta tiled-roofs, exposed wooden beams, and beautiful ceramic tiles placed throughout the home.

mediterranean home

Ranch Home

One of the most common modern architectural styles today is the ranch home. While this type of home was originally modeled after the homes of ranchers in the old Wild West, today a number of modern luxuries significantly improve the comfort level of this type of home. Almost all Ranch-style homes are one story homes with an attached 2 to 4 car garage. Not only does this style offer the pragmatism of having a space to guard your car, but it is also a great example of adaptable design. Aging homeowners probably don’t want to deal with going up and down stairs several times a day, and the one story design offers a manageable home layout for retirement years. Furthermore, Ranch homes offer several design alternatives that allow homeowners to play with customization options to give their home a distinctive touch.

ranch home

Tudor Homes 

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that was originally designed to be the living quarters for the nobility of 15th century England? Tudor style homes continue to maintain their popularity in several regions across their country due to their imposing facades, high interior ceilings, and exterior aesthetic appeal. The distinctive half-timbering decorates exterior facades and beautifully complements steep rooflines and rock-lined chimneys. The steep roofs also make for stunning interiors, as lofted second stories often allow for massively high ceilings in living rooms. Exterior stuccos and stonework are also common and resonate beautifully with the exposed wood cladding.

Tudor home

Contemporary Homes 

Contemporary architectural styles tend to focus on unique geometrical designs that maximize the amount of interior space. Boxes and rectangles that are creatively stacked and assembled will certainly draw the attention of your neighbors. The geometrical design also allows for clean designs and large windows that allow natural sunlight to flood into open spaces. The home interiors tend to incorporate sleek transitions between rooms with minimum reliance on interior partitions. These types of homes also tend to accentuate energy efficiency, renewable energy options, and the incorporation of healthy interiors through recycled and non-toxic materials. In this sense, contemporary homes are often the most sustainable housing alternative on the market.

contemporary home

Deciding on the best architectural style for your home will largely depend on your own preferences, inclinations, and how you plan to use the home. Any one of these home styles would be a great choice for a beautiful and functional home. Schedule a meeting with Natale today to explore the variety of homes available to you.