As the cold winter begins to set in, many people start to look towards the New Year. One of the most common New Year´s Resolutions is to build a new home or completely remodel your existing structure. According to one recent poll, “only 1 percent of homeowners have canceled their remodeling projects so far in 2022, while 37 percent have completed a project. And nearly one-quarter (23 percent) plan to start a home improvement project in the next 12 months.”

Design Trends of 2023

If you are planning on building a new custom home or doing a major remodel/retrofit to your existing home next year, you might want to start looking at the leading 2023 building and design trends to give you some ideas and creative inspiration. In this post, we offer a few ideas for the leading custom family home plans and home design layouts for 2023.  


2023 House Layout Trend #1: Open and Flexible Floor Plans

One 2023 design trend for custom homes in the western New York area is that the overall floor plan will remain open and flexible. In practice, this means that homeowners should expect main floor primary suites, as well as main floor guest suites and studies, to be popular additions to the home. Furthermore, custom home floor plans will also focus on unique, customized accent spaces, such as wine bars (or wine walls), geometric accents, segmented spaces, and shiplap walls.

In addition, the open floor plan trend will also seek to connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are continually looking for ways to increase their square footage through large rear porches, outdoor kitchens and dining rooms, and outdoor entertainment areas. Connecting these spaces to the rest of the home drastically increases the livable space of a home.  

2023 House Layout Trend #2: More Family Spaces

Perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are showing an amplified interest in larger spaces for family or social events within the home. In practice, this will mean less of a focus on private rooms, small dining areas, and other formal, private spaces where people can be by themselves. Rather, people are showing a preference for open kitchen and family room plans, large entertainment rooms where people can come together, playrooms for children, and multi-purpose living rooms where guests can be entertained.  

2023 House Layout Trend #3: The Absolutely Necessity of a Home Office

According to Forbes Magazine, “25 percent of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023.” This fundamental transition in how (and where) we work has led to many homeowners designing a separate home office into their floor plan for a new custom home build, or for their remodeling projects.  

Though people certainly like those big spaces, there is also a need for a relatively private area where one can focus on work tasks, participate in a Zoom meeting, or enjoy the convenience of a home office without sacrificing too much square footage.  

2023 House Layout Trend #4: Nature Inspired Spaces

Lastly, many homeowners are continuing to show their approval for nature-inspired places within the home. The advantages of biophilic design are continuing to emerge, and people want their homes to reflect the beauty of the natural world. In practice, this should be reflected in interior designs that revolve around nature-inspired colors, like softer greens and blues, that are calming and pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, living walls and extensive incorporation of indoor plants can give your home that natural feel while also drastically improving your indoor air quality.  

Why Choose Natale Home Builders?

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