Next to the kitchen, the living room is one of the areas in the home where we spend most of our time. The living room is the place where the family comes together after a long day apart, the place for hosting guests and parties, and the perfect spot to relax next to the fireplace on a cold winter evening.

Keeping the living room modern, comfortable, and fashionable is thus one of the top priorities for homeowners beginning to design their dream home.

Whether you prefer the rustic feel of a log cabin complete with a real stone mantle and massive Rumford fireplace, or a more modern and contemporary living room design that combines sleek furniture and the latest tech gadgets for a whole entertainment experience, below we take a look at the top living room trends for 2021.

What To Look For In The Best Living Room Trends of 2021

The design you choose for your living room will obviously depend on a number of contextual factors. For example, if you’re not a huge fan of watching TV or movies, your living room design probably shouldn’t feature a massive retractable screen or the latest surround sound system. When considering the top living room trends for 2021, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that the trends will “work” with the particulars of your home:

Does this trend fit with the rest of my home design?

Your living room design needs should definitely “flow” with the rest of your interior design layout.

What can I do to make sure that this living room renovation has a favorable impact on my home’s energy efficiency and thermal performance?

For example, if you are considering adding a huge bay window in your living room that looks out over the tree line in your backyard, opting for triple-pane glass will certainly cut back on unwanted heat loss and heat gain.

Am I blocking a socket or switch?

When adding furniture or moving things around, it's all too easy to accidentally block a switch or socket. Before making any moves or adding any piece of furniture, make sure to identify all electrical outlets and plan around those switches and sockets.

Do I need extra storage spaces?

Most people don’t associate the living room with “storage.” However, it's always a great idea to designate a few places to store things that you don’t necessarily want to be out in the open. A coffee table with a storage compartment or a window seat underneath the bay window with extra storage can give you a good place to collect those coffee table books or that collection of old National Geographic magazines you don’t want to throw away just yet.

The 5 Best Living Room Ideas of 2021

Without further ado, let's turn our attention to the top 5 living room trends of 2021 that are inspiring homeowners in designing one of the most important spaces in the home.

1. Increased seating areas.

With people spending more time than ever at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding innovative ways to incorporate more seating areas in your living room is becoming a trend. Finding comfortable, approachable, usable, and functional furniture that keep you from spending all your time in a lumpy, old LA-Z-BOY chair will create a social space for the family during a time when all of us need more social connection.

2. Multi-purpose office space.

Not every homeowner has an extra bedroom that can be easily turned into a home office. If you find yourself working long hours from home, but are getting tired of trying to find a space for your laptop on the dining room table, incorporating sleek office spaces in a corner of the living room is another top trend for 2021.

Virtually any empty corner of your living room could be a candidate for a small, but functional home office without imposing upon the rest of the living room design. Wall-mounted monitors are another option to even further cut back on the “intrusiveness” of the home office concept in a living room.

3. A focus on natural materials.

Many homeowners are also opting for the use of natural materials in their living room design. Marble, wood, or even cork flooring create a sense of calmness, while real leather furniture also adds to the ethic of luxe minimalism.

4. A piece of nature in your home.

Lastly, stay-at-home orders and shutdowns have certainly added to our growing “nature deficit disorder.” If you find yourself feeling like you need a bit of green in your life, incorporating living walls, moss walls, or interior green facades can help to improve your home's indoor air quality while also adding a natural elegance to your living room.

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